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Taggies Blankets

Taggies Baby Blankets

Myblankets stock a large selection of MyTaggies taggy blankets and Mary Meyer Taggies Original and Taggies Character Blankets

Personalised Taggies - all our taggy blankets can be embroidered with a name and date for a unique new baby gift.

MyTaggies Blankets

MyTaggies blankets are available in a selection of fabrics and designs. All MyTaggies are suitable from birth and are CE marked. MyTaggies blankets measure 30cm square and each taggy blanket has 20 ribbon tags.

Mary Meyer Taggies

Taggies from Mary Meyer are the original Taggies brand from the US. We stock a selection of blankets from the Taggies Character Blanket range and all the new Taggies Original Blankets.

What is a Taggies?

Taggies was born when a mum noticed her child's fascination with satin tags. Little ones are mesmerized by rubbing these soft, satin loops. Exploring Taggies textured tags can provide tactile stimulation that babies crave for development and have an amazing calming effect on little ones.

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